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Portland Timbers Reportedly Lock Up Caleb Porter with 5-Year Contract Extension is reporting that Porter has signed on with the Timbers for the long haul.

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Update: I have confirmation that Porter has signed a contract extension with the Timbers.

According to an article by Grant Wahl of, Caleb Porter has signed a five year contract extension with the Portland Timbers. The Timbers have yet to announce Porter's new deal, but an extension to his contract should not come as a surprise as the Timbers compete in the playoffs for the first time since joining MLS three years ago.

Speculation that Porter will be the MLS Coach of the Year has been common recently and he was picked by a majority of the editors to receive the award. Porter was also named's Coach of the Year two days ago after compiling an impressive 14-5-15 record in his first year as a coach in MLS.

When Porter left the University of Akron to coach the Timbers he walked away from a contract that ran through 2020, a contract length that is unheard of at the pro level. This five year extension is a long one and will hopefully give Porter, and the Timbers, the stability to make the Timbers contenders year in and year out.

This extension leaves Porter and General Manager Gavin WIlkinson to continue the revamp of the Timbers' system that they started last fall.

The Timbers have not yet commented on this story.