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Portland Timbers Player Ratings Results: Doubled Up Edition

The results of the last two community player ratings.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

My bad. If you are sitting at home just picture me with my hand raised just like the players do after they make a poor decision on the field. Life got a little busy on me but after November it should get a little better. Now onto the results.

Colorado Rapids

Player Ratings
Donovan Ricketts 6.6
Futty Danso 6.7
Pa Madou Kah 6.2
Michael Harrington 6.7
Jack Jewsbury 6.2
Diego Chara 7.3
Will Johnson 5.9
Darlington Nagbe 7.1
Rodney Wallace 6.4
Diego Valeri 8
Maximiliano Urruti 5.9
Ryan Johnson 5.5
Kalif Alhassan 5.3
Ben Zemanski 5.1

LA Galaxy

Donovan Rickets - 6.8

Will - On a rainy, windy day Ricketts put in a shift that looked like any other. He may have given up one dangerous rebound, but that is to be expected when playing in a typhoon. Overall, the shutout was well deserved and Ricketts played his part in it well.

Futty Danso - 6.3

Stacey Futty had a couple really scary moments on the ball that led to attacking chances for LA, but it's so helpful to the Timbers to have someone with his prowess in the air on the field, especially while defending set pieces.

Michael Harrington - 6.9

Will - The Galaxy rarely attacked down the Timbers' left and, as a result, Harrington had a relatively quiet night. That being said, Harrington snuffed out LA's few attacks on his side and joined in the attack with some regularity, helping the Timbers in their control of the first half and their quick counters in the second.

Pa Madou Kah - 6.95

Ryan - A strong performance by Kah as he and Futty helped hold LA's dynamic duo to just one shot on the night. Futty and Kah and a great combination at the CB because their strengths and weaknesses go well together. Futty is strong in the air, while Kah is able to read the passes well and step in front of the attacker to intercept them.

Jack Jewsbury - 7.3

ledjom - He got beat once or twice, but that is going to happen with a really fast dude with crazy hair playing on the only side the other team attacked down. His forays into the attack were an unexpected bonus.

Will Johnson - 6.9

Tyler.carter - He might not have done a lot on the offensive side of the ball but he and Chara made a difference in the game when it came to playing in the midfield. Based on disrupting the attack with Marcelo and Juninho.

Diego Chara - 7.5

Will - Over and over again Chara managed to get back just in time to break up LA's attack. Whether he was just sticking a boot in to knock the ball away from Robbie Keane at the top of the box, or picking off Juninho's passes at the center of the pitch, Chara popped up everywhere.

Diego Valeri - 7.1

Chrisjonsmith - Not his best game, but not bad either. The chemistry with Urruti is just beginning to build. When these two get on the same page its going to make the whole league take notice.

Darlington Nagbe- 7

Ryan - His possession based approach to the game helped Portland alleviate pressure on numerous occasions. Another part of his game that is very underrated, his defense, helped shut down one side of LA's offense.

Rodney Wallace - 6.6

Stacey - If the Timbers were going to get a second goal on Sunday, it looked likely that Wallace would be involved. He and Urruti won a number of corners and throw-ins by relentlessly pestering LA's back line and he probably would have gotten on scoresheet if not for the Galaxy's recent upgrade to Penedo in goal, who had to make a pretty great save to keep one of Wallace's shots out.

Maximiliano Urruti - 7.8

Stacey - It was quite a turnaround from Urruti, who looked out of sync in his first start, but came back against LA and looked to be reading his teammates better and connecting with them more often. His goal was awesome, obviously, but for me it was the perfect ball to Wallace--the one that nearly set up a second goal for the Timbers--that best illustrated the change over the course of the week.

Kalif Alhassan - 5.4

westcoast ape - I thought he did well, as he seemed to be less fazed by the conditions than Valeri.

Ryan Johnson - 5.4

Will There seemed to be something missing from Johnson's game against LA. After 70' of Urruti running players down all over the pitch, the lack of apparent energy from Johnson was disconcerting. Johnson did step in and do well on defense, but he was not the same disruptive presence at the top as the man he replaced.