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Portland Timbers Player Ratings: The Vote

Vote on how you think the players did last Sunday against Vancouver. You can also rate the team picture.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

I bet neutral observers thought the game was one of the better MLS games this year. It had just about everything with key saves, golazos and some hard challenges. Too bad the result means that the Cascadia Cup will be finding a new home next season. However the result did move Vancouver closer to elimination from the playoffs and Portland one step closer to clinching.

On to the ratings.

Just as a Remainder the ratings are based on a 10 point scale with 1 being the lowest score possible. The choice is up to you to determine what type of game warrants a 5 and what warrants a 10.

For those who like to rate the picture please do so in the comments for all to enjoy. I think the front row was going for a endorsement deal for Cingular but forgot that the bars go the the other way. Either that or they are all trying to make Diego feel less vertically challenged.