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Player Ratings vs Seattle: Second Leg

Vote on Portland's dominating performance against Seattle in the second leg of the Western Conference Semifinals.

Steve Dykes

To ensure we are consistent we decided to complete the vote on the semi-final and announce the results later this year. We will also vote on the first leg against RSL tomorrow.

Now for a quick refresher on last Thursday's game. The Portland Timbers dominated the Seattle Sounders for much of the game except for the two late goals scored by Seattle. At one point Portland looked like they were able to score whenever they wanted and Seattle looked about as disinterested as one team could get. Once Seattle made a few subs the game changed and they were able to score two goals within minutes of each other but it was too little too late.

For those needing a better refresher check out MLS's Golazo for the stats and other relevant information. As a reminder the ratings are on a 10 point scale and please leave your scree-name if you comment so I can attribute the comments to the right person.  Lastly, I am able to bring back the photo ratings as this time there was a team photo included, so please leave your ratings in the comments below.