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Portland Timbers Player Ratings: at RSL First Leg Vote

After a dream start Portland had arguably their worst 75 minutes of the year and ended the game with a glimmer of hope.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Now that I thoroughly confused everyone with the Seattle second leg post it is time to post the first leg against RSL.

The game started off well after 15 minutes but it all went down from there. Every ball bounced RSL's way and every mistake Portland made seemed to lead to a RSL goal. Portland was very lucky not to be down by more than three with minutes remaining in the game. With one minute to go Portland did receive a sliver of hope off of the head of Frederic Piquionne. His last minute header moved Portland within two instead of coming home down 3.

If you need stats to give a rating go here or if you need a reminder of the beat down check out Will's quick recap here.

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