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MLS 2014 All Star Opponent to be Bayern Munich

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Multiple reports have indicated that Bayern Munich will be the 2014 MLS All Star opponent.

Alexandra Beier

Grant Wahl was first to report that Bayern Munich was going to be the 2014 MLS All-Star Game opponent and now a German newspaper has also reported that Bayern is coming to Portland. KOIN news first spotted the newspaper's report and another shout out should go to tgibson24 for posting a fanshot about this 8 days ago. Check out KOIN's link for a link to the German newspaper.

Here is the Google translated paragraph in question, followed by the original:

Now it is also clear that Bayern next year will complete a test match in America. Where and to whom is already fixed by AZ information only when is still unclear. What is sure: Bayern will travel to the preparatory phase before the next season to the U.S. West Coast and will go on in Portland for a all-star selection of the U.S. professional league MLS

Nun steht auch fest, dass die Bayern kommendes Jahr ein Testspiel in Amerika absolvieren werden. Wo und gegen wen ist nach AZ-Informationen bereits fix, nur das wann wird noch geklärt. Was sicher ist: Die Bayern werden in der Vorbereitungsphase vor der kommenden Saison an die US-Westküste reisen und dort in Portland gegen eine Allstar-Auswahl der US-Profiliga MLS antreten.

Here is Merritt Paulson's tweet on the news:

What do you think of Bayern Munich coming to Portland? Excited?