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The Portland Timbers' 2013 Season is Over

The Portland Timbers 2013 ended Sunday night with a 1-0 loss (5-2 aggregate) to Real Salt Lake.

Steve Dykes

Let's face it. Real Salt Lake did what they needed to do in order to advance and the Portland Timbers did not. I know everyone will be talking about the blown call that cost us the opening goal but even after that call the Portland Timbers put 2 shots on goal the whole night. Yep, 2. On a night when the Timbers needed goals the Timbers just could not breakdown RSL's backline.

The game hinged on the first 20 to 30 minutes and when Portland was unable to find the back of the net it was easy for RSL to continue to absorb and then pick their spots going forward. RSL got the goal the completely deflated Portland and from that point on it was too large a deficit to overcome. Credit to RSL for winning the series and in reality they were the better team and deserved to move on to the final.

Now that the crappy part is out of the way let's talk about how amazing it is that the Portland Timbers even made it to this point.

2012 2013 2013 Ranking
Points 34 57 3rd
Goals 34 54 3rd
Assists 28 53 Tie for 2nd
Shots 421 445 9th
Shots on Goal 133 156 5th
PK Goals 0 3
Goal Differential -22 21 4th

Portland was also in the final four of the US Open Cup and the MLS Cup. As Caleb Porter said "...we're not going away. This is just the beginning. We'll be back."

Use this article to vent some anger, frustration and sadness over the loss but don't forget the magical season. One final note, at least we made it farther than Seattle.