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First Leg Player Ratings: The Vote

Portland took care of business in Seattle with a 2-1 win in their first ever MLS playoff game.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Timbers accomplished a lot of firsts this year and last Saturday they added even more to the ever growing list. It was Portland's first MLS playoff win and it was on the road in a place where Portland has never lead nor won. While the game plan was not something we are used to seeing from a Caleb Porter managed team it worked to perfection.

Now that we have all come down a little bit from our high after the win it is time to rater how well each player played in the first leg of the Western Conference Semi-Finals. Remember this is based on a ten point scale with 1 being the worst.

Once again no picture of the team was taken or uploaded to the available pictures so we will have to go with a photo caption again. Please give me your best caption of the article's picture in the comments.