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Portland Timbers Man of the Match: One Step Closer

The Timbers played Seattle off the field for 60 minutes before taking a breather. We put in our picks for the best shift of the evening and you can join us.

Steve Dykes

The Portland Timbers played most of their 3-2 victory over the Seattle Sounders on the front foot, controlling the game and putting away goal after goal. The last half hour of the game was not as pretty, but still saw some hard work put in all across the pitch as the Timbers secured their spot in the Western Conference Final.

Here are our picks for the Man of the Match. Vote in the poll below and let us know why in the comments.

Will - Will Johnson

Before the penalty kick that opened the scoring, before the quick free kick that sealed the game for the Timbers, there as one Will Johnson moment that epitomized his performance against Seattle. Eddie Johnson had received the ball on the Sounders' right flank, just outside the penalty box. He cut inside, getting around Michael Harrington, only to find himself squared up against Captain Will. EJ rolled the ball with his right foot, stepped over with his left, then his right, then- Will stuck a foot in a tackled the ball away. It was the Sounders' most dangerous moment at the start of the match, and it was over just like that.

Ryan - Rodney Wallace

He was a thorn in Seattle's side all night long. He constantly attacked spaced vacated by Deandre Yedlin and forced Seattle to shift the defense over. He had two assists and also tracked back well defensively. It was a great game and a return to Pre-Gold Cup form.

Stacey - Will Johnson

He is just everything a captain is supposed to be, isn't he? Up for every game, but absolutely pumped for big occasions like last night. He took his PK calmly, played the short free kick that set up Futty's goal, and was all over the field for all 90+ minutes last night. Runners-up for me include Darlington Nagbe and also the entire rest of the team.

There are our picks, but what are yours? Vote in the poll below and let us know why in the comments.