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Off Season Wish List For the Portland Timbers

It's silly season for the Portland Timbers! Time to make our off season wish list.

Jonathan Ferrey

Those of us who 1) Are still young enough to believe in Santa Claus (Sorry to anyone I just broke the news to) or 2) Anyone who has children know that at this time of year it is time to make a wish list. With that in mind it is time to make a wish list for the Portland Timbers.

Here is what you need to provide:

  1. Your top two or three positions of need (CB, Forward, Etc..) and role (back-up or starter)
  2. MLS players that could fill the need
  3. Possible foreign players that could fill the role (only ones likely to come)
  4. Dream player for that role

I will start this off.

  1. Portland needs a starting CB, preferably one with passing ability and leadership qualities. A starting RB or LB. One who has speed and defensive ability.
  2. Omar Gonzalez is the CB I would say fits nicely but we are not prying him from LA. Yedlin from Seattle would be a great addition to the team but again we are not going to get him.
  3. CB- Ecuadorian Gabriel Achilier would be someone I take a look at for CB. Jorge Fucile from FC Porto is someone I can see patrolling the right back position. He is currently valued at 2.5 million but his contract is up at the end of the season and has had a falling out with the current coach and is not playing at all. Not sure about his interest in playing in the MLS but he wants to play in order to make the Uruguayan World Cup Squad.
  4. CB - Inigo Martinez RB - Phillip Lahm