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The David Horst Appreciation Thread

The center back spent three seasons with the Portland Timbers, but the team declined his 2014 contract option.

Tom Hauck

The Portland Timbers picked David Horst in the Expansion Draft before their first season in MLS. Horst made several appearances with the Timbers in 2011, but earned a more regular role in 2012 when he appeared in a career high 21 matches and scored the game-winning goal in the Timbers' first MLS win over the Seattle Sounders.

While 2012 may have been Horst's best year with the team, it was unfortunately the team's worst year while he was a member. He looked set to have an important role in 2013, earning a couple starts early in the season, but in only his second game, he suffered a displaced tibial plateau fracture. The injury would keep him out of league play for the rest of the season, though he did make a few appearances with the Timbers Reserves at the end of the year.

Horst played his game with a ton of heart. I'll always appreciate him for his exceptional mustache-growing abilities and for the way he dealt with some of the league's most annoying forwards (I'm taking about you, Steven Lenhart and Fredy Montero), never letting them get in his head. We wish him the best wherever he ends up next.

As with every appreciation thread, please consider our Appreciation Thread Etiquette:

1. Be respectful to the player. Nobody is perfect.

2. Focus on what they did well while with the club.

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