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2013 Portland Timbers Player Rankings #21: Milos Kocic

The #2 goalkeeper for the Portland Timbers comes in at #21.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Milos Kocic joined the Timbers via a trade before the 2013 season. The trade was with Toronto FC who sent Kocic and Ryan Johnson to the Timbers in exchange for Joe Bendik and allocation money.

2012 Rank: N/A


Stacey Ryan Will Michael Average Ranking
20 23 20 23 21.5 21

When the Portland Timbers acquired Milos a lot of fans felt it was a signal that Donovan Rickett's time in Portland was nearing an end. Kocic had previously taken a starting job from a #1 in Toronto when he took over for Stefan Frei in the 2012 season. Unfortunately for Milos he never got the chance to take over as Ricketts resurrected his career and returned to his 2010 form. Milos played in just 2 matches but earned a shutout and made 7 saves with a 1-0-1 record.


Stacey Ryan Will Michael Average Ranking
17 21 14 16 17 16

Despite his lack of playing time Milos could be a starting keeper in this league, he just needs to get his chance to stake a claim on a #1 spot. Which is why the editors ranked him in the top half of the rankings despite finishing in the bottom half of the 2013 rankings.