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2013 Portland Timbers Ranking #16: Maximiliano Urruti

The Argentinian striker acquired from Toronto through a trade comes in at #16 on our 2013 rankings.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Maximiliano Urruti was acquired in a somewhat surprising trade in September between Toronto FC and the Portland Timbers. Max (I refuse to call him Maxi), was unable to get any minutes for Toronto because he was stuck in the middle of a power struggle which lead to someone losing their job. Once the one person who wanted him at Toronto was let go he was no longer considered in the plans and needed to be traded or released. Portland gratefully stepped in as a willing trade partner.

2012 Rank: N/A


Stacey Ryan Will Michael Average Rank
18 15 13 16 15.5 16

Urruti's playing time in Toronto consisted of two sub appearances for 37 minutes total. Once he was traded to the Timbers he made four consecutive starts before picking up an injury that would limit his minutes for the rest of the season. His only goal of the year came in the 1-0 win over the Galaxy with a side of the foot flick that was absolutely stunning due to his ingenuity. Max also has attributes as a forward that work well in a Caleb Porter system and works hard at putting the opponent's backline under pressure.


Stacey Ryan Will Michael Average Rank
5 4 5 11 6.25 6

With one year in MLS under his belt and his health not a concern Urruti could be primed for a big season in 2014. His passing and workrate off the ball make him a prime candidate for the starting job and the thought of Valeri and Urruti combining together around the 18 has many people eagerly anticipating what 2014 might bring.