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Gaston Fernandez Signing Inches Closer

According to reports out of Argentina, the Timbers have gotten their man.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

It has been coming for some time now, but it appears that the Portland Timbers have finally gotten the signature of Estudiantes de La Plata forward Gaston "La Gata" Fernandez. Word out of Argentina last night is that Fernandez signed with the Timbers after some wrangling over the player's transfer fee.

Telemundo presenter Andres Cantor tweeted the news.

El Dia, a La Plata newspaper, revealed that the transfer fee paid for Fernandez would be $500,000 and that Estudiantes would receive half of any transfer fee if the Timbers sell him on.

Fernandez returned to Estudiantes this season after serving a four month ban in 2012 imposed by FIFA after it was adjudged that his return from Mexican side Tigres had violated the terms of Fernandez's transfer. As a part of the judgement, Estudiantes were also fined $600,000, an amount that the team were likely keen to recoup from Fernandez's sale and could have factored into the negotiations over the transfer fee.