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MLS Announces Jersey Week, Portland Timbers to Unveil New Kits February 28th

Major League Soccer has announced a so-called "Jersey Week" in which 12 MLS clubs will unveil at least one new jersey each.

Ned Dishman

Well we knew that the Portland Timbers were going to be showing off new kits this year, but we didn't quite realize there was going to be a whole national spectacle behind it. It looks like MLS is seizing control of yet another locally-ordained event in an attempt to make it bigger than it really is. So instead of the Portland Timbers being able to release their kits on their own time, they've now been relegated to "Jersey Week" by MLS, an event which will seemingly be a yearly event from now on.

But first the Portland Timbers kit release details:

According to the press release the Portland Timbers will unveil their new kits on February 28th. More importantly, for you at least, the event will be held at Last Thursday on Alberta Street and will be open to the public. This sounds like a great idea, in theory, though the Timbers haven't been without their moments of public gaffes before.

According to Major League Soccer, every year will see a new jersey theme. Oh boy. This year the theme is "Jersey as Art" which will apparently focus on how the final designs came to be and how each club worked with Adidas to make their kit come true.

Note: I'm not opposed to this idea as a whole, but it sounds very corny.

Additionally, starting in 2014, every single MLS team will unveil a new jersey (either primary/secondary or third) every year.

What do you think about the Portland Timbers unveiling their new jerseys at Last Thursday?