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Timbers Tid Bits: Chivas USA Edition

New Timber Ben Zemanski is part of the mass exodus from Chivas USA this off season.
New Timber Ben Zemanski is part of the mass exodus from Chivas USA this off season.
Ned Dishman

It's been an extra eventful off season across the board, with several players departing for Europe, a handful of teams rebuilding after a rough 2012, and clubs like Real Salt Lake scrambling to assemble quality rosters for a lot less money. But has any team had a more interesting (or weirder) off season than Chivas USA? First there were the comments from head coach Chelís that seemed to indicate that the Chivas of the future was going to be more Mexican, possibly sort of a Chivas de Guadalajara feeder club. Then he made Dan Kennedy captain and it seemed like maybe the concerns were overblown. But now Chivas has resumed selling off many of the non-Mexican players so...what the heck, Chivas?

D.C. United acquires James Riley from Chivas USA
Chivas basically gave Riley away, in exchange for a 2015 second round Supplemental Draft pick.

Chivas USA signs Steve Purdy and Carlos Borja
We reported last week that it looked like Steve Purdy may have found a place with Chivas USA and now the club has officially announced his signing.

If you’re not Mexican and play for Chivas USA … start packing!
With the exception of Dan Kennedy (and Steve Purdy, though this article fails to mention him) Chivas seems to be continuing its purge of non-Mexican players.

Philadelphia Union to Hold Troubling Chick-Fil-A Giveaway
A Union fan objects to the Chick-Fil-A giveaway that the club plans to hold as a promotional even this season.

Dynamo sign Houston native Bryan Salazar to homegrown contract
The 18-year-old winger will finish high school before joining the Houston Dynamo this summer.

Holden in line to make Bolton's game-day squad vs. Nottingham Forest
Good news for Bolton and USMNT fans. Would a healthy Stuart Holden be in the national team picture right now?

In Defense of Landon Donovan
TIL: There is a White House petition requesting that Obama intervene to convince Landon Donovan to rejoin the U.S. team.