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Filed under: Gets Major Redesign; New Logo On the Way?

Major League Soccer has redesigned its home page. For better or worse, though, we can't say...

Well this was an odd surprise. The old webpage is no more and a new one has taken its place. Which is weird because, in my opinion, I thought the old website did a fine job of giving news at the same time as being a league website. This new one? I'm not so sure...

The first thing that I see when I land on the page is what appears to be a content driven news site, not necessarily a league site and that kind of bugs me. I get that MLS needs to have some editorializing for itself, especially as some markets continually get ignored by mainstream media, but this is just too much. MLS is a league first, not an editorial.

On that note, NBC's ProSoccerTalk is reporting on a rumor that MLS is about to undergo a logo redesign. According to them, a job ad from Adidas is quoted as saying:

Support Global Product Creation during transition into new MLS logo - all MLS/adidas branded products will be affected"

This would certainly be a welcome redesign as the current logo continues to have an air of 1990s to it. Still, given the site redesign, I'm not sure it would matter much. The current MLS logo has been reduced to a ridiculously small size.

Luckily for us, the Portland Timbers website has stayed the same. Hopefully there are no similar changes coming for them.

What do you think of the new site redesign? What about the possibility of a new logo?