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Caleb Porter Appoints Will Johnson as Captain

Caleb Porter announced to the media that Will Johnson will be the Portland Timbers' Captain.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

After practice today, Caleb Porter answered some questions and in the process announced that Will Johnson will be the Captain of the Portland Timbers. As for Jack Jewsbury, he can still be considered Captain Jack, as he will be a "Club Captain." Here is what Caleb had to say about appointing Will and moving Jack to Club Captain:

Yeah, told the guys today, and it was like I told you guys yesterday, no real mystery: Will Johnson has been appointed as our team captain. He will wear the armband and represent our team on the field. Jack Jewsbury will be a club captain. So he will continue be a presence and a leader on the field, in the locker room and in the community. So there's no issues there -- we've spoken with Jack, we've spoken with Will, they've spoken together. There's no controversy. It's not a demotion for Jack whatsoever. We need someone to wear the armband to lead our team this Sunday, and that will be Will.

Asked specifically about Will, Caleb told reporters:

Will's is a winner, he's competitor, and he is a very mature player, is an experienced player even though he is not young. He has been a pro for a long time and has been in a winning locker room in Real Salt Lake -- he's won an MLS cup trophy. So I think that experience is valuable. His competitiveness is extremely valuable day to day in terms of getting our culture right and pushing guys. He is a guy that can grab guys by the scruff of their neck and say, "Hey, wake up -- let's get going." But also he has maturity and emotional intelligence to give positive reinforcement at the right times as well. For me, I look for a captain that's a presence, that's respected and that can perform, obviously, with their play but also can lead through being vocal at times, and he does that.

What do you think of the decision?