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The Stumptown Footy Over/Under Challenge

Hey folks, let's play a game!

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UPDATE: The season has started so the form is closed.

If you follow @StumptownFooty for our game-day tweets you have probably noticed our regular bets with our collective press-box chum Mike Donovan. Well, we decided to step up the bets this year and include all of you as well.

How It Works

We came up with an over/under bet for each Timbers player (ignoring whoever this last signing is). Just go to the form we have linked below, fill it out with your Stumptown Footy username, and make your picks. As the season goes on we will give you regular updates as well as some additional over/under bets for each game.

Make your bets by clicking here.

Want some advice? Just want to check out the bets before filling out the form? Well, here are Mike's picks and his reasoning behind them. Just hover your mouse over the blacked out area to see the pick).

Kalif Alhassan

Assists: 6.5

Vegas Mike says OVER - In 2 MLS seasons, Alhassan has had 8 assists in 37 starts, which would put him on pace for just over 6.5 assists if he starts the majority of the season.

Diego Chara

Fouls conceded per 90 minutes: 2.6

Vegas Mike says Under - Chara has averaged 2.51 fouls per 90 for the Timbers and there is no reason that number will increase especially considering Chara might play more on the outside than in years past.

Futty Danso

Games played: 6.5

Vegas Mike says Under - Danso seems to be on the outs with the Timbers and will likely be listed no higher than the 3rd backup once all CBs are healthy.

Bright Dike

Reserve league goals: 4.5

Vegas Mike says Under - This number seems high to me considering he has preseason ACL surgery. In 2011, coming off preseason surgery, he scored 4 reserve league goals.

Steven Evans

Minutes played: 9.5

Vegas Mike says OVER - Last year, 29 Timbers saw action in league matches and I think Evans is more likely to see the field than the likes of Kawulok, Taylor, Fehr, etc

Mobi Fehr

Reserve yellow cards: 2.5

Vegas Mike says UNDER - I just can't see Fehr receiving yellow cards in three different reserve matches (or a double yellow in any match). Last year, Mike Chabala led the reserves with 2 yellow cards.

Jake Gleeson

Games started: 2.5

Vegas Mike says UNDER - While Ricketts will likely be missing time due to international absences, Gleeson is below Kocic on the depth chart and will need multiple injuries to start for the Timbers.

Michael Harrington

Assists: 3.5

Vegas Mike says OVER - In the three seasons Harrington started 20-plus games, he recorded three or more assists in all of them.

David Horst

Goals against average: 2

Vegas Mike says UNDER - During final 14 games last season with Horst anchoring backline, Timbers gave up 1.5 goals per game.

Andrew Jean-Baptiste

Games started: 27.5

Vegas Mike says UNDER - Last year, the Timbers didn't have a CB play more than 27 games and there is no guarantee Jean-Baptiste will be starting the majority of the season over Horst or Mosquera.

Jack Jewsbury

Games played: 22.5

Vegas Mike says UNDER - Jewsbury enters the season both hurt and without a starting spot. While he might become a closer off the bench when the Timbers need to finish out a draw or win, it seems unlikely that Jewsbury will play 20-plus games.

Will Johnson

Minutes played: 2200

Vegas Mike says OVER - While Johnson has only played more than 2200 minutes once in his career, with a guaranteed starting spot and the captain's armband, only an injury will prevent him from surpassing this number.

Ryan Johnson

Goals scored: 9.5

Vegas Mike says OVER - Last season while playing for one of the worst teams in MLS, Johnson scored 7 goals. I think he can increase that due to great support play in the midfield.

Ryan Kawulok

Unused substitution: 4.5

Vegas Mike says OVER - This hinges on Rodney Wallace either starting games in the midfield or him missing a substantial amount of time due to the Gold Cup. Kawulok gets a lifeline because he can sub at left back.

Milos Kocic

Saves per 90 minutes: 3

Vegas Mike says OVER - If Kocic does get in, he will playing behind a team that is likely to give shots due to their aggressive style of play.

Ryan Miller

Starts: 30.5

Vegas Mike says Under - It seems reasonable that Miller will miss at least four games due to injury, suspension or just rest.

Hanyer Mosquera

Games suspended: 1.5

Vegas Mike says Under - Personally I think Mosquera won't play enough games to get yellow card accumulation and that would mean multiple red cards or punching Jack McBeam again. Which is possible.

Darlington Nagbe

Goal of the week nominations: 1.5

Vegas Mike says UNDER - Nagbe has won goal of the week twice in his career and been nominated twice. I see that one per season average continuing.

Michael Nanchoff

Games played: 12.5

Vegas Mike says UNDER - I think 10 games sounds about right for Nanchoff this season. There are a ton of midfielders, but there will also be a lot of chances to play since Porter has been known to change his style based on the players he has.

Brent Richards

Twitter followers: 1750

Vegas Mike says OVER - He needs to gain 300 followers before the end of the season. A end-of-season comeback should push Richards over the top.

Donovan Ricketts

Shutouts: 4.5

Vegas Mike says OVER - The Timbers recorded five shutouts last year with one of the worst defenses in the league. It doesn't seem likely they will do worse this season.

Sebastian Rincon

Reserve league assists: 5.5

Vegas Mike says UNDER - I'd be surprised if Rincon has 6 assists in the reserve league. Averaging an assist every other game seems difficult.

Mikael Silvestre

Assists: 2.5

Vegas Mike says UNDER - Even with his distribution skills and Porter's attack through the middle style, a centerback with three assists seems unlikely.

Dylan Tucker-Gangnes

Games started: 4.5

Vegas Mike says UNDER - I have Tucker-Gangnes currently as 3rd backup CB just ahead of Danso. Even if he pulls an AJB and gets a handful of early season starts, it will be tough for Dylan to crack that platoon.

Jose Adolfo Valencia

Games started: 8.5

Vegas Mike says OVER - Even though Valencia seems like a perfect late game sub, I can forsee a scenario where Porter wants a true second striker to pair with Johnson.

Diego Valeri

Goals and assists: 17.5

Vegas Mike says UNDER - Last year only four MLS midfielders (Brad Davis, Graham Zusi, Landon Donovan, and Dwayne DeRosario) had 18 or more goals/assists.

Rodney Wallace

Goals: 3.5

Vegas Mike says UNDER - Even the biggest Wallace fan (IE me) would be hard pressed to predict four goals from the backup midfielder/defender.

Ben Zemanski

Passing completion percentage: 80%

Vegas Mike says UNDER - 80 percent is a high percentage for any player, let alone, a backup midfielder. This seems like too high a number, for me.

Sal Zizzo

Penalties earned: 1.5

Vegas Mike says UNDER - The Timbers can't earn any penalties, let alone one specific player.

Timbers Team Stats

Number of points: 42.5

Vegas Mike says OVER

Place in the West: 5.5

Vegas Mike says OVER

Place overall: 12.5

Vegas Mike says OVER

Goals scored: 42.5

Vegas Mike says OVER

Goals conceded: 49.5

Vegas Mike says OVER

Shutouts: 7.5

Vegas Mike says UNDER

Changes in Timbers roster from 3/3 to 11/1: 2.5

Vegas Mike says OVER

Merritt Paulson's tweets per day as of 11/1: 3.55

Vegas Mike says UNDER

Highest minutes played (by player): 2900

Vegas Mike says OVER

MLS Stats

Longest suspension: 6.5

Vegas Mike says UNDER

Number of goals by Golden Boot winner: 18.5

Vegas Mike says OVER

Number of hat-tricks: 6.5

Vegas Mike says OVER

Minutes in longest shutout streak (by goalie): 400

Vegas Mike says UNDER

Colombians in MLS after summer transfer window: 19.5

Vegas Mike says OVER

Canadians in MLS after summer transfer window: 12.5

Vegas Mike says UNDER

0-0 Ties: 20.5

Vegas Mike says OVER

Average attendance: 18900

Vegas Mike says OVER