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Karina LeBlanc on Playing for the Portland Thorns FC and Reuniting with Christine Sinclair

In an interview with fellow SB Nation blog, Waking the Red, the Portland Thorns FC's goalkeeper Karina LeBlanc spoke about the city and its fans.

Jeff Vinnick

Fellow SB Nation blog Waking the Red, which primarily covers Toronto FC, was able to catch up with Portland Thorns FC keeper Karina LeBlanc in an interview concerning a number of issues heading into the inaugural 2013 NWSL season. According to the interview, LeBlanc is not only very excited about playing in Portland, but also reuniting with Canadian captain Christine Sinclair:

"My family gets to see me play a lot more, and obviously getting to play with Sincy. It's's one of those opportunities where you're like, "sweet", you know? [Portland's] a fun town, it's a great city, the team looks great [and] Cindy (Parlow Cone) our coach, I've played against for several years, and spoken to her on the phone and it's exciting. It's just like a perfect situation."

She goes on to gush a bit about the soccer culture here in Portland.

"it's just a great soccer city and as a soccer player it's so exciting to go into a town where you know they love the sport. They love the culture (and) they create a culture of their to be around passionate people who love the game, it's exciting."

It's a great interview and a great look into the kind of person LeBlanc is. If you've got the time today, I highly recommend checking it out. After all, this person will be very important to the Portland Thorns FC.

[Waking the Red]