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US Men's National Team Centennial Home Jersey Leaks

Spanish kit blog Todo Sobre Camisetas leaks yet another jersey, this time for the USMNT.

via Todo Sobre Camisetas

After leaking a few jersey's relevant to US soccer fans in the past few months (first the Portland Timbers, then the Seattle Sounders) it really doesn't surprise us to see some version of the US Men's 100 year centennial jersey being leaked through them.

The jersey itself is alright. There's nothing really spectacular about it. White with some dark blue trim? I feel like Nike could have done better with that.

That said, the crest on the jersey? Perfect. I've never been a huge fan of US Soccer's crest. Any crest that incorporates a soccer ball in it, to me, will always be associated with youth soccer. That's just the way it is. Crests should speak to the heritage of the place and the identity that goes with it. The crest is representing the essence of that place, not the ball which is used.

So I hope this is true, if only for that new crest. If true, it will no doubt become my favorite US kit to date, despite the lackluster design everywhere else.

Check out the site for more pictures:

[Todo Sobre Camisetas]