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Portland Timbers' Donovan Ricketts Keeps Clean Sheet Against Mexico; Earns Man of the Match

Jamaica played in Mexico against the best team in the confederation and was able to keep a clean sheet against the likes of Chicharito... impressive.

Steve Dykes

Nobody expected much from the Reggae Boyz when they were faced with the prospect of playing against Mexico in Mexico for their opening Hexagonal game. To be honest, Jamaica was always considered a longshot to even make it into the Hexagonal, let alone the World Cup (which they have still yet to accomplish). Still the team crossed a significant hurdle yesterday: they earned a point against Mexico.

According to reports, Donovan Ricketts was easily Man of the Match against Mexico with a handful of solid saves as well as a point-blank shot from Chicharito. Very impressive from the Portland Timbers keeper and somebody that I would have like to have had on the USMNT yesterday.

Ryan Johnson also went 81 minutes for the Jamaican's yesterday, though his contribution was muted as much as Chicharito's was.

The game ultimately went to 0-0 with both sides earning a point in their first outing. It was a huge game for both Timbers' players and it will hopefully help them secure future call ups throughout the year.

On that note, Costa Rica and Panama also drew 2-2. Such a result now leaves the USA at the bottom of the pack. Sounds about right to me...