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Rumor: British Defender Calum Angus to Join Timbers on Two Week Trial

According to a report out of Sweden, the British defender is set to join the Portland Timbers on a two week trial before the start of the season.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

It probably shouldn't come as a surprise, and really this is kind of a "soft" rumor, but apparently another overseas Brit is due to head this side of the Atlantic Ocean to trial with the Portland Timbers. Said defender is named Calum Angus and he just spent his last 3 years with Swedish side GAIS. Unfortunately for him, his Swedish side was just relegated and, as such, he's been set free from his contract.

Here's the interesting part, however, Angus is not at all unfamiliar with MLS or American soccer. Having played his collegiate game at St. Louis University, the defender was part of the 2009 MLS Player Combine. Apparently, he was supposed to have been picked during the 2009 SuperDraft, but was left unpicked at the end of it all. From there he signed a contract with USL side Wilmington Hammerheads which eventually lead him to Swedish side GAIS in 2009.

According to sources, he is a centerback defender.

Here's the report from Swedish site GP:

Gais brittiske försvarsspelare Calum Angus, vars fribrev från Göteborgsklubben ännu inte resulterat i en transfer, är aktuell för spel mot Jönköping på fredag. Samtidigt är den 26-årige mittbacken, som kom till Gais 2009, aktuell för två veckors testspel med amerikanska MLS-klubben Portland Timbers.

Roughly translated by Google it means exactly what you think, though perhaps one of our Swedish speaking community members here could help?

It's not confirmed yet that he is indeed trialing with the Portland Timbers, but don't be surprised if he shows up here in Portland next week.

[Thanks to URK for the heads up!]

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