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Portland Timbers vs. FC Tucson Game Will not be Streamed; to be Tweeted Instead

Today's morning match against FC Tucson will, unfortunately, not be streamed by

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Today marks the last game until the Portland Timbers return home from Arizona. After today, the team will return home, train for a week, and get prepared for both the home opener on March 3rd, as well as, the Portland Timbers pre-season tournament that is coming up in the middle of this month.

Unfortunately, today's match will not be streamed by I know we've grown accustom to watching our team in pre-season form and today's game would have been one final look to see how the team has progressed, but, for whatever reason, that just wasn't made possible today.

We won't be without any information, however, as the Portland Timbers are promising to live-tweet the game throughout. So at the very least we should be able to get the highlights as they happen.

Feel free to use this post as a match thread of sorts, though we've obviously not used the traditional format for it considering the circumstances.

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