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Portland Timbers Beat FC Tucson 3-nil; Arizona Trip Concludes with 3 Wins and 1 Loss

The Portland Timbers managed to beat FC Tucson 3-nil in their final game in Arizona.

Clariza Silva/

It certainly sounded like an exciting match! Too bad we weren't able to witness it. Regardless, the Portland Timbers managed to put on their most impressive performance so far, albeit against a team far removed from the MLS tier.

Hanyer Mosquera managed to open up the Timbers scoring sheet in the 3rd minute with an assist by trialist Michael Nanchoff, who has been fairly impressive this off-season. It came via a free kick and was quickly headed in.

The last two goals came by way of Timbers development products in Sebastian Rincon and Steven Evans. Rincon's goal was set up by a combination of Kalif Alhassan and Sal Zizzo (who wore the captain's armband) in the 31st minute. Evans' goal came in the 86th minute when he took a shot at FC Tucson's goalkeeper. The shot was saved initially, but Evans was able to pounce on it once again to add a tally.

Today's team seemed to largely focus on developmental players and trialists. Here was the full squad:

GK David Meves, D Ryan Kawulok, D Hanyer Mosquera (Futty Danso, 46), D Dylan Tucker-Gangnes, D Steven Evans, M Kalif Alhassan (Rodney Wallace, 46), M Michael Nanchoff, M Mobi Fehr, F Sebastián Rincón, F Sal Zizzo (Danny Mwanga, 46), F Jose Valencia

Interestingly enough, Mikael Silvestre did not play despite being a trialist. It could simply be the team giving him a well earned break, or it could mean something more. Perhaps Caleb Porter has seen all he needs to see.

Additionally, it's nice to see Rodney Wallace back with the team. This is the first time he's been with them since last year as he's spent most of his time with the Costa Rican national team.

Despite not watching the game, what do you like about this result? What do you want to see more of in the coming pre-season games?

Note: We're forgoing the traditional recap format due to not having watched this game.

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