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Portland Thorns FC Preseason Training Begins Tomorrow, but Some Big Questions Remain

While the Portland Timbers might already be well into their season, the Thorns begin their preseason tomorrow.

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Tomorrow, at 9:00 am, the Portland Thorns FC squad will assemble for the first time since the creation of the club last year. In a culmination of events from the league being started by the three soccer federations of the US, Canada and Mexico to the final trades and drafts that saw players get divvied up into each of the league's starting 8 clubs, tomorrow we actually begin to see the fruits of all that labor. In a few words: it's kind of a big deal.

But even on the day before preseason officially begins, there are still a lot of questions that have gone unanswered:

  1. Just how exactly are trades facilitated?
  2. Will their be a play off system at the end of the season?
  3. What's going on with the player's CBA?
  4. What's going on with regards to broadcasting the games? Will they be streamed online?

At some point we have to wonder just how effective this league will actually be in getting people invested in it. It seems like, for all the work that has been done in such a short amount of time, there remains a great deal left to do. And with just about a month left to first kick, time is definitely running out.

For what it's worth, we'll be attending Thorns FC training matches as regularly as possible. So look for the first couple training reports this week.

What do you think about the preseason starting tomorrow?

UPDATE: Thanks to Luke Fritz for the update on the play off system. Top four teams go to play offs.