5 reasons why the Timbers just might get their first road win of the season in Seattle:

My goal here is to get a conversation going on the upcoming Seattle game. While it certainly won't be easy, I think there are five reasons that might give a Timbers fan hope that we can take the battle right to Fat Siggy Sauron himself in Mordor:

1. Seattle will likely be on a two game losing streak after their upcoming CONCACAF vs Tigres.

2. While the jury is still out (and the season is young), there are lots of questions to be had about whether the Sounders have yet found their rhythm without Freddy Montero.

3. Seattle's midfield didn't seem ready for our new possession style in preseason, and if I remember correctly, their midfield was sporting the majority of starters.

4. Ou starting XI will have had 7 days of rest while Seattle's will only have had 4.

5. We managed to get a point vs. Montreal where Seattle was unable.

Think we'll win out first road game right in the belly of the beast?

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