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Stumptown Fantasy League Update

A quick update on the leagues with a reminder about important information.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Good news is that our head to head league still has the number one global leader in it. The bad news is I got hammered last week. Here is some important information to remember:

  • Transfer moves need to be completed by 9:15 AM on Mach 16th,
  • 3 Free transfers this week (at least that is how many I got)
  • The Vancouver Whitecaps have a bye this week
  • Check the injury report for any of your players (I forgot to check and missed that Logan Pause was injured!)

Classic League

We had a little bit of movement in top ten but the overall spot still goes to FC Acorns (FC Acorns is currently 4th in the global standings). FC Acorns scored 65 point to remain in the top spot but the gap from first to second is still 9 points. I got hammered last round and dropped way down to 101 from 40th.

Head to Head

First place still goes to Goppingen's Choppa, as he is the current overall point's leader, but he came down from his 111 points to a measly 55 points in his second round match-up. There are still 37 unbeaten teams in the head to head league and a whole lot of 1 and 1 teams.

Hope everyone is having as much fun with this league as I am and don't forget we have prizes at the end to keep us motivated!