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Portland Timbers @ Seattle Sounders Prediction Thread

Once more we ask you guys to predict the score line for tomorrow's match. Who scores? Who wins?

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Last week saw the Portland Timbers take on the Montreal Impact and, as usual, we asked for your predictions for the final outcome of the match. Well, you guys were way off. While there were plenty of 2-1 predictions called, they were all for the Timbers winning, rather than losing. Not that I would have predicted anything else... who would ever predict their own club's defeat at the hands of Montreal? Oh well.

On that note, however, we turn towards tomorrow's match. The big game. Seattle Sounders vs. Portland Timbers. The fact that these two teams are such close rivals makes the game even more difficult to predict. Additionally, this being a road game means we'll probably see a few pessimists. Not that I can blame them, it's been a rough couple seasons as far as road games are concerned.

As usual, here's what we ask for:

  1. Game score and who those the goals are for.
  2. Who scored those goals?
  3. Which half?


What's your score prediction for tomorrow's Cascadia Cup clash?