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The Portland Timbers' Road Victories Are Still in Short Supply

With three games already gone and behind us, the Portland Timbers are already a few games from being anywhere near the top of the Supporters Shield table.


We all knew this was going to be a rebuilding year and, as such, the current standings table really shouldn't come as a surprise. Still, it's a tough pill to swallow after last season. I don't think anybody expected the Portland Timbers to be world-beaters this year, but having only secured 2 of a possibly 9 points so far is worrisome, especially considering that 6 of those points were at home.

Last night's game is being touted by many as a victory for the Timbers, and in some cases it certainly was. Stealing a point in the 90th minute from your arch rival's home territory. Sounds pretty great... But it also feels like a loss because it was a missed opportunity that has been squandered.

Three. That's how many road wins the Timbers have earned since they joined the league in 2011. Two of those were against the Vancouver Whitecaps, oddly enough. So while a draw against the Seattle Sounders is nice when it's being played at the CLink, it's just not enough for me anymore.

The Timbers had a chance to get a huge monkey off their back in Seattle. While it perhaps didn't grow any larger, it's still very much there and that's worrisome. This team needs to win on the road for fear of falling into some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy wherein the Timbers are unable to win away from home. Not due to any sort of technical ability, but due to an inward belief that they can't do it.

The Timbers next play the Colorado Rapids in Colorado on March 30th after serving a bye-week this weekend. While we're far from hearing the words "must win game" it should certainly be seen as a huge opportunity to bring home 3 points.

What do you think about the Timbers' performance so far this season? What about their road game prospects?