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Hanyer Mosquera Takes an Indefinite Leave of Absence

The Portland Timbers announced today that Hanyer Mosquera is returning to Colombia for an indefinite amount of time,

George Frey

The Portland Timbers released a tweet concerning Hanyer Mosquera today and it is as follows:

This season has not been kind to Mosco, as he started the year injured and, due to the signing of Mikael Silvestre, moved further down the CB depth chart. Once Mosco returned from injury he found that his starting job was lost to Andrew Jean Baptiste and has not even made a game day roster, thanks to the rise of Dylan Tucker Gangnes.

All of this may be weighing on Mosco, or it may be something else, because often when a player returns home it is for non-soccer-related reasons (death in the family, etc). One would hope it is benign and just a chance to sort out a his situation here in Portland. At this point, though, we can only speculate.

We will try and get more information on this situation and how it may affect the Timbers moving forward.