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Portland Timbers Say Bye This Week; What Are Your Weekend Plans?

With no Portland Timbers action this weekend and the Portland Thorns FC still a few weeks off, what do you have going on this weekend?

Bob Levey

Three games in and we're already forced to sit on the outside looking in. It's an unfortunate circumstance of the 19 team, unbalanced schedule that we live in. While at times it's nice to have a break, being three games in it feels more like a mini-off-season rather than just a break. After all, we were all just getting back into match day fitness. Oh well...

So, instead of the usual Timbers game, what do you have going on? Here are some of the big festivities:

  1. USA vs. Costa Rica on Friday
  2. San Jose Earthquakes vs. Seattle Sounders on Saturday (Can't watch the Timbers win? Might as well watch Seattle lose!)
  3. Montreal Impact vs. New York Red Bulls on Saturday (Can Montreal keep their run going?)
  4. Mexico vs. USA next Tuesday (one week from today)

Those appear to be the biggest events happening this and next week though if I missed one do leave a comment below.

I think I might try and catch the DC United vs. Columbus Crew match just because I decided to pick an Eastern Conference team this year (DCU) and follow them through the season for fun. It hasn't gone well so far...

What do you have going on?