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US Men's National Team Drama has Gotten Out of Hand

According to numerous reports, there's upheaval in the USMNT locker room with Carlos Bocanegra... really?

Tom Szczerbowski

Upheaval in the locker room! Players yelling at the coach! Rabble rabble rabble! (An exaggeration)

Gee wiz... you would think that US Soccer and our national team were in some sort of disarray after the all the build up that occurred yesterday. I might have exaggerated a bit, but it was still mildly entertaining, and a little worrisome, to see US soccer fans get up in arms over a few reports that seem to butt heads with what Carlos Bocanegra said himself (but more on that later).

I'm not saying that there's not some validity to some of the concern, but it just seems a little hasty to begin throwing mass controversy to the public when the second game hasn't even been played yet. There's some sort of preconceived notion going on that the USMNT is doomed or that they're just barely hanging on to get into the 2014 World Cup, but that's far and away the reality.

But first let's tackle the Bocanegra issue. According to a recent SportingNews article, Bocanegra was left in "disbelief" by his being benched for the Honduras game. That might have some validity of truth, I certainly wasn't there, but Bocanegra also realized what we all should realize: Klinsmann isn't some shadowy figure wreaking havoc on the team.


Sure it might be hammed up a bit, but do you think Bocanegra would be willing to issue a public statement on his own Facebook page if he didn't want to? I'm not sure US Soccer has that much control, to be honest.

The fact is that Bocanegra wasn't playing for his 2nd division La Liga side er go, as we all know Klinsmann by now, he wasn't going to get minutes with the national team. Time after time when Bob Bradley would bring in benched European players to start instead of MLS players who received regular minutes, you would get the usual complaints from MLS fans about it. Well now that's exactly what Klinsmann is doing. And why not? Why shouldn't a player who just won MLS Cup get preference?

I'm not going to comment on the tactical issues, or state that Klinsmann should go without criticism. It comes with the job and he should certainly be held accountable for it. But this whole "chaos in the locker room" extravaganza just left a bad taste in my mouth. A loss to Honduras in Honduras was pretty tough, no doubt about it, but I think there were many reasons behind that loss, starting with the fact that it was an away game, in oppressive heat, with some key players who were probably still feeling some jet lag. In this case I'm ready to believe in the Occam's Razor theory rather than the hype.

What do you think about all the reports on the USMNT and Jurgen Klinsmann?