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Portland Thorns FC: Mexican Players Luz Saucedo and Marlene Sandoval Removed from Roster

According to a brief statement in a Portland Thorns FC update, both Mexican internationals are no longer with the team.

Just got word that Marlene Sandoval and Luz Saucedo, the two Mexican national team defenders allocated to Portland Thorns FC, have been removed from the team roster, apparently partially due to a decision by the FMF and also partially due to injury. This actually isn't all that surprising, considering that they've had very minimal presence in camp. We'll try to get to the bottom of it, and also find out what (if anything) this means in terms of team structure, but in the meantime, here's the Thorns front office statement:

Defenders Luz Saucedo, Marlene Sandoval no longer on Thorns FC roster

Defender Luz Saucedo was removed from the list of players allocated to the National Women's Soccer League by the Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Asociación (FMF). Consequently, Saucedo is no longer on the Thorns FC roster for the upcoming season. Defender Marlene Sandoval is no longer on the roster and was removed due to injury.