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Costa Rica Appeals to FIFA to Replay World Cup Qualifying Match

CNN is reporting that Costa Rica's federation has appealed to the world governing body to replay the World Cup Qualifier.

Dustin Bradford

Well that certainly didn't take long. According to CNN, the Costa Rican football federation has appealed to FIFA that the conditions under which the USA vs. Costa Rica game were played provided an unfair advantage to the USMNT and that it should be replayed entirely.

From the CNN article:

The Costa Rican Federation is unhappy the lines and markings on the pitch were invisible at times during the game in Commerce City, while also claiming the movement of the ball was impeded by the snow.

Granted that the ball movement speed was certainly impeded, at least from my view, the actual complaint is pretty ridiculous. Those of us who actually watched the game will remember that the referee did indeed stop the game for a bit to assess the situation. This came during a prolonged period when Costa Rica was the clearly dominant side. As such we saw Costa Rica's players (and probably coaching staff) complain that the game should continue, not stop.

Luckily for us and the USMNT, the actual likelihood that FIFA will replay this match is pretty slim. FIFA has a long history of standing by their referees and officials on the field at the games. They did not, for example, overturn Thierry Henry's handball against Ireland which saw them, and not Ireland, go on to the 2010 World Cup. My guess is that FIFA will stand by its referee and match commissioner on this as well.

What do you think about Costa Rica's attempt to replay the game? Do they have a fair complaint?