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FIFA: USA vs. Costa Rica World Cup Qualifier Result Stands

FIFA has issued a statement regarding Costa Rica's complaint and has determined that the result will stand.

Dustin Bradford

Good news everybody! According to FIFA, the USMNT's victory against Costa Rica will, in fact, stand, as FIFA as read the complaint and reviewed the match and determined the complaint to be not be valid under article 14, paragraph 4 of the World Cup 2014 regulations. Here was the exact statement by FIFA:

FIFA received a letter via email and fax from the Costa Rica FA on 24 March 2013 with regards to the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifier played on 22 March between USA and Costa Rica.

FIFA has examined the content of the letter and, taking into consideration article 14, paragraph 4 of the 2014 FIFA World Cup regulations, has confirmed that the conditions established in the regulations for an official protest have not been met by the Costa Rica FA.

Therefore, the result of the match played on 22 March stands and is considered as valid.

And for those curious, here is the entry on the World Cup 2014 regulations mentions above:

4. Protest regarding the state of the pitch, its surroundings, markings or accessory items (e.g. goals, flagposts, or footballs) shall be made in writing to the referee before the start of the match by the head of delegation of the team lodging the protest. If the pitch's playing surface becomes unplayable during a match, the captain of the protesting team shall immediately lodge a protest with the referee in the presence of the captain of the opposing team. The protests shall be confirmed in writing to the FIFA general secretariat during the preliminary competition and during the final competition by the head of the team delegation no later than two hours after the match.

We never saw Costa Rica's captain complaining to the ref, nor did we see the referee, Costa Rica's captain and Clint Dempsey discussing it. Therefore Costa Rica does not have a case in this situation.

What do you think of Costa Rica's failed complaint?