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Keeping Up With the Portland Timbers' Internationals

While the USMNT has been busy in their World Cup Qualifying matches, four Portland Timbers' players have been equally as busy.

Adam Pretty

The Portland Timbers, sadly, do not have a single player who plays for the USMNT. That said, they do have players who routinely represent various other nations from around the world. In particular, for this weekend's events, the Timbers had four players representing three different countries: Jamaica, Canada and The Gambia. Here's how they performed:

Futty Danso - The Gambia vs. Ivory Coast

Futty suited up for The Gambia in a friendly against the Ivory Coast. He played for the full 90 minutes, which is always nice to see. Unfortunately, as was expected from the get go, Ivory Coast won the match in a 3-nil blow out. Not that anybody expected much else, as far as African national teams go the Ivory Coast is up there with the best of 'em.

Will Johnson - Canada vs. Japan

As with Futty, Will went with the Canadian national team to play a series of friendlies only this time it would take him from Portland to Qatar. While he and his national team still have yet to play Belarus. (Canada and Belarus already played to a 2-nil loss for Canada. Sorry about that.) The Timbers' captain featured prominently (90 minutes) in Canada's 2-1 loss to Japan. It's worth noting, however, that Will got the assist for Canada's lone goal.

Donovan Ricketts, Ryan Johnson - Jamaica vs. Panama

Finally we have our two Jamaicans: Donovan Ricketts and Ryan Johnson.

In their second World Cup Qualifier, Ricketts suited up and played all 90 minutes in their 1 - 1 draw against Panama. A great result for the USMNT, but a disappointing result for Jamaica, who was playing at home. Still, Ricketts performed admirably throughout the game and at least the team came away with something.

Ryan Johnson suited up, but did not play in the match.


All four players are due back this week. Will Johnson, Ryan Johnson and Donovan Ricketts each have one more international game to play.

What do you think of the Timbers' contribution to international games this past weekend?