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Portland Timbers @ Colorado Rapids Prediction Thread; So Few Points Edition

The Portland Timbers head to Dick's Sporting Goods Park to take on the Colorado Rapids. How do you think the game will play out?

Doug Pensinger

Tomorrow afternoon the Portland Timbers will take on the Colorado Rapids on their home turf of Dick's Sporting Goods Park. I've repeated it ad nauseum at this point, but it remains a serious issue. In three games playing in Colorado, the Timbers have not earned a single point. In fact, they haven't even really put up a respectable fight. In all three games Colorado has scored three goals against the Timbers. That's not good.

That said, both teams are are pretty much brand new. Caleb Porter has assembled a remarkably different squad for his first season as head coach. Oscar Pareja of the Colorado Rapids has done something similar after his side tanked in 2012. So just because the Rapids have a habit of scoring multiple goals against the Timbers doesn't mean it will continue.

Anyway, here's your chance to get in your predictions ahead of the match tomorrow. Feel free to predict anything you want, though here's a rough guideline of what we want for consistency's sake:

  1. Game score and who those the goals are for.
  2. Who scored those goals?
  3. Which half?

Easy-peasy! The person with the closest prediction gets bragging rights for the next week up until the next game, including in next week's Prediction Thread.

What's your prediction for tomorrow's Colorado Rapids vs. Portland Timbers match?