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Going to Be at the Game? Brush Up on Your Chants!

We are all a little rusty, folks, so take tonight to get right back into the swing of things. To help out with that, here are a few videos of the chants that you might need to brush up on.

Jay Drowns

Before you do anything else, go here to check out the Timbers Army song sheet. It has been a while, just give yourself a little reminder.

Bella Ciao

My personal favorite addition to the Timbers Army's chants last season, Bella Ciao is probably the chant that the most people struggle with so take a look at the song sheet, watch this video of Chumbawamba's catchy version, and jump on in when it get broken out on game day.

Chumbawamba - Bella Ciao (via tribisha)

Rose City 'Til I Die

Aside from Bella Ciao, this is probably the song that the fewest people jump right into. With Bella Ciao it is the lyrics that give people pause, but with RCTID it is that sinking feeling in your gut from the visitors scoring. Keep in mind though, RCTID isn't just the chant that happens after the Timbers give up a goal, it is the chant that re-energizes you and shows the team you are still there.

Visiting teams love to say that they silenced the mighty TA. As much energy as the Timbers might draw from the home crowd, the visitors draw just as much trying to shut you up. That is why is why it is so important for everyone to keep singing. Whenever the Timbers are scored on, this is the refrain of the Timbers Army. Learn it, hope you never have to sing it, when the time does come: sing loud.

Rose City 'til I die (via steeplechase3k)

Can't Help Falling In Love

This one is sung every game in the 85th minute. Be ready. Tell the team how you feel.

Timbers Army Can't Help Falling In Love Against Galaxy (via jdl22)

You Are My Sunshine

Perhaps the most famous song of the Timbers Army, and certainly the song with the most history, Sunshine is sung in the 80th minute of every game. Put your heart into it.

You are my Sunshine (via steeplechase3k)

Party in Portland

Portland Timbers - There's a party in Portland (via David Ballard)

Somos Timbers

Know Your Chants: Somos Timbers (via DroppingTimber)