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Don Garber Talks Cascadia Cup Trademark

During his half time of the Seattle Sounders game Don Garber answered questions about the Cascadia Cup Trademark fiasco.

Steve Dykes

Don Garber's West Coast trip stopped in Seattle where he answered questions concerning the Cascadia Cup Trademark. According to Garber their were some missteps in the process even though he still feels MLS should have a significant role in managing the trademark. Despite his feelings on how much of a role MLS should have he did admit something:

It's their trademark, it's not our trademark. So our goal is by meeting and talking about what our concerns are, that we could have a mutual agreement on what's best for that tournament.

With this admission it looks like a resolution is close despite the fact that MLS is not ready to drop their pursuit of the the trademark.

We have confidence based on our discussions that we will be able to reach an agreement that will make sense, but we have not made a decision to drop our pursuit of the trademark at this point. We're confident that our continued discussions will be productive, and in a positive way, we're very confident about that.

Hope the resolution gets announced soon.