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Portland Timbers Man of the Match: The Comeback Kids

Another match and another draw from the Timbers saw equal shares of gaffs and heroics from the boys in green white.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

Less than ideal circumstances that included gusting winds strong enough to prevent any sort of accurate passes in the air saw the Timbers struggle to impose their will on the game yesterday.

Andy: Will Johnson

It's hard to go with anyone but Will Johnson in this match. Nobody played a terribly terrific game, but Johnson scored a brace, his first as a professional, and that's gotta count for something.

Geoff: Will Johnson

While the first half was a dismal display, the two captain actually had an admirable game as a holding midfielder. He was basically the only player in the midfield who, I thought, had any real impact on the game. Combine that with his first goal and his second, albeit penalty, goal and you've got my Man of the Match.

Ryan: Will Johnson

He is the Captain Portland has needed for a while. When Colorado started to get chippy and physical he laid out one of Colorado's players. When Portland needed a goal he got them one and when Portland needed someone to step up and take the PK to tie the game he delivered. To top it all off he had just under 50% of Portland's shots too (4 out of the 9 total shots).

Stacey: Will Johnson

Sometimes you just need a guy who can pick the team up and carry them on his back, and that's pretty much what the captain did last night. He was all over the field trying to get the Timbers back in the game, playing like a center forward when he scored the first goal, then tracking back to play defense. Then he slotted that PK home, which was important not just because it tied the game, but because it spared us all the rush of terrible emotions that surely would have ensued had we missed the first PK we had been awarded in 37 games.

Will: Will Johnson

It was Will Johnson.

My honorable mention, however, goes to Donovan Ricketts. Ricketts made several huge saves to keep the Timbers in the game, including his fantastic one on one stop on Tony Cascio that was unfortunately whistled for a PK. Ricketts did struggle with his distribution in the first half while kicking into the wind, but with high pressure from Colorado's attack he had no option other than to play the ball long.

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