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The Stumptown Footy Over/Under Challenge: Reviewing Your Bets Part 1

A good number of you filled out the Stumptown Footy Over/Under Challenge, so today we take a look at just what you thought would happen this season. In this first section we will look at the responses that you agreed on and how they were effected by the first weekend of games.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The Players

90% think that Will Johnson will play over 2200 minutes. Johnson played 90 minutes against New York this weekend.

90% think that Rodney Wallace will score three goals or fewer.

87% think that Bright Dike will score fewer than five goals in the reserves this year.

85% think that Jack Jewsbury will play under 23 games this year.

84% think that Futty Danso will feature in fewer than seven games.

83% think that Andrew Jean-Baptiste will start 27 games at most this season. AJB started against the New York Red Bulls.

83% think that David Horst will allow under two goals per game that he plays.

82% think that Milos Kocic will make more than three saves per ninety minutes played.

80% think that Jake Gleeson will start two or fewer games.

80% think that Sal Zizzo will earn fewer than two penalties.

The Team

92% think that the Timbers will score more than 42 goals this year. They put in three over the weekend.

89% think that the Timbers will earn more than 42 points this year. The Timbers started the season with a single point.

84% think that the Timbers will make more than two changes to their roster before the end of the season.

The League

84% think that the longest suspension handed out this season will be fewer than seven games in length. Dwayne DeRosario got things started in the preseason with a three game suspension.

84% think that Major League Soccer will average over 18,900 people in attendance this season. Chivas USA had an official attendance of just over 7,000 people on Saturday, so... there's that.