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Timbers Tid Bits: Kevin Alston Edition


The second legs of the CONCACAF Champions League semi-finals are underway and it looks as if MLS is, yet again, on the verge of having all its teams knocked out before the final round. The LA Galaxy face Monterrey tonight after losing 2-1 at the Home Depot Center. Good luck to them.

Kevin Alston Takes Leave Of Absence From Revolution
Sad news, but it sounds like the outlook is good for Alston.

Six Degrees: Let the Portland Timbers score
I can relate to this sentiment: "Wow. So this is what it feels like to root for a good team."

Santos Laguna reach CCL Final after Sounders fall short
It must be said (though very grudgingly) that 1-1 away to Santos Laguna is a very good result and the whole thing was nearly an amazing comeback for the Seattle Sounders.

Warning: If you, like me, often have the UCL games waiting for you in your DVR (or Tivo or whatever) because you work a lot and can't watch them live, you may want to watch the Malaga-Borussia Dortmund game before you read the first sentence of this article.

Will Chivas USA & The Montreal Impact Continue to Be MLS Darlings? Extrapolating the MLS Season
What can be gleaned from the 6 weeks of MLS play so far?

Whitecaps difficult to define after five games
The Vancouver Whitecaps are still seeking an identity.

The Throw-In: What's left for Herculez Gomez to prove? Plenty, in MLS's Jonah Freedman begs, pleads with Gomez to come back to MLS.