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What Are Your Expectations for the Portland Thorns? [Poll]

With the Portland Thorns about to open their inaugural season tomorrow, we're wondering just what fans expect out of them this year.

The Portland Thorns FC are kicking off their season tomorrow. Months of planning, preparation and, most importantly, questions will come to a head when they take on FC Kansas City in the NWSL's inaugural match. A week after that will be the Thorns home opener for the 2013 season. It's exciting, to say the least.

But even as the team begins its first ever season, there already seems to be a lot riding on them. With their allocation of Alex Morgan, Christine Sinclair, Rachel Buehler and, eventually, Tobin Heath the team has been consistently considered to be the best team in the league. Rightfully so because of the caliber of those players. Of course, that's not to say that they will be the best in the league. Teams on paper rarely translate into teams on the field.

Still, given all the hype of the players, the popularity of the team (they've sold nearly 7,000 season tickets), and the fact that they're entering into a brand new league as a brand new team, we're wondering just what your expectations for them are? Are they the world beaters everybody is hyping them to be?

Think of this as a sort of league prediction.

Reminder: All NWSL games will be streamed either by the Portland Thorns or by their competitor's webstream. So there should be no excuse for missing tomorrow night's match. We'll have our usual match thread running for all Portland Thorns' games.

Where do you think they'll ultimately end up come August 18th?