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Thorns FC: A Few Quick Notes

Another viewing location for first match; SG puts out a call

A couple of tidbits came across the wire in the past 24 hours.

First: Timbers Army partner bar Beulahland (118 NE 28th) will be showing the Thorns FC inaugural match, which starts at 5:35 p.m. Saturday, April 13. Southeast's Bazi Bierbrasserie (1522 SE 32nd) also will be showing the match. The match will not be on television, but is being streamed online. All home matches will feature play-by-play from veteran sportscaster Ann Schatz and color commentary from former University of Portland goalkeeper Angela Harrison. Home matches also will be aired on Freedom 970 FM.

Second: Thorns FC supporters group the Rose City Riveters has put out a call for artists to design the group's badge. According to their website, the SG is looking for "something that represents us, that tells our story, that helps people understand all of the things we stand for.

Here come those words again: dedication, strength, perseverance, loyalty, community."

The rest of the info is here.