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Timbers Tid Bits: Don't Cross the Line Edition

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You know you've really accomplished something as a soccer player when, all in a single game, you go into a reckless two-footed challenge on a guy half your size, make another player bleed, and ultimately get thrown off--and still that's not the part of your night that everyone is talking about. There's a lot of articles and editorials out there this week about the Alan Gordon incident and what it means, including this news that he has reached out to Robbie Rogers and this article about how he'll try to go about rebuilding his reputation.

Aside from that, we have some rather unsurprising news about where Costa Rica hopes to play their home qualifier against the United States and the announcement of a replacement for the World Football Challenge. Enjoy.

Keith Hickey: Major League Soccer's equality campaign is falling short
Why the "Don't cross the line" message isn't sinking in.

Gone in a Flash
One take on the Alan Gordon incident, and why the whole evening was especially disappointing if you remember his time with the Timbers.

U.S. will host new International Champions Cup this summer
Cool idea? Just another way to distract from the MLS season with lots of friendlies? What do you think?

Costa Rica wants US match at old Saprissa stadium
I think we all knew Costa Rica would seek some payback for the qualifier in the blizzard, and here it is.

Matt Reis of Revolution says father-in-law hurt in blast
Reis' father-in-law remains in critical condition. after the Boston Marathon bombings.

Can MLS escape the violent side of soccer's globalization?
The Guardian feels it's a pertinent question after some of the events of the past weekend.

For the NWSL, Survival Equals Success
The survival of the NWSL hinges on the league winning the numbers game.

MLS Bandwagon Jumpers: A Team-by-Team Converter
Presumably everyone reading this already knows which MLS team to support, but if you know someone who doesn't, Grantland has a guide. My favorite bit? "If, as the cliche suggests, soccer is a religion, the Sounders are its Church of Scientology."