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Portland Thorns FC Training Report: Subtle Adjustments

Wednesday saw a quiet, focused practice session

Those itching for some lineup and formation adjustments might get what they've been wishing for, if Wednesday's Thorns FC training session is any indication. Head coach Cindy Parlow Cone seemed to be fiddling with those a bit, including tucking Christine Sinclair back in that 10 position we saw her in during the latter half of last week's game, and adding Angie Kerr to the front line along with Alex Morgan.

Overall, the Thorns' collective demeanor at practice was one that seemed more focused than any other training I've attended so far this year. There seemed to be less joking around and more intensity. There were even rounds of pushups for the sides coming up on the losing end of a completive drill. Not that unusual as far as these things go, but, again, it's the first time I've seen such in Thorns training sessions.

If the drills she ran are any indication, CPC seems focused in on two things: passing and maintaining defensive shape (both appropriate, considering the nature of the Thorns' struggles in their game against FC Kansas City). During one drill, run almost full-field, the offense was not allowed to shoot until it had strung together at least 20 passes.

The entire roster was present, plus a few practice players, including Cris Lewis, who remains as a practice goalkeeper. There was a brief injury scare when Allie Long hit the deck after some physical play. I couldn't tell from my angle what the issue was, but after taking a few minutes Long returned to training and seemed fine.