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Who Are the Portland Timbers' Rivals? [Poll]

Aside from the obvious teams like the Seattle Sounders and the Vancouver Whitecaps, who would you consider to be the Timbers' rivals in MLS?

Doug Pensinger

Much was made by the people in the Timbers Army and on forums and discussion boards about the San Jose Earthquakes not being a rival to the Portland Timbers. That they keep making an attempt for there to be one, but nothing has yet materialized on our part with regards to that "rivalry." I'm not going to argue for or against it here, instead, I would like a discussion on who you think is the Timbers primary non-Cascadian rival.

If you take a broad approach to figuring this out, really, almost any Western Conference team could be considered a strong rival to the Timbers. But who actually makes a rival and who doesn't isn't necessarily a group thought. Everybody has there own likes and dislikes for teams that the Timbers play against.

Take FC Dallas, for example, in their last away game to Dallas the Timbers were left thoroughly embarrassed... again. That makes me look forward to this year's match a bit more. For me, personally, they might come off as a bit of a rival because of those games. The problem is that I doubt everybody feels this way. While they might be a personal rival for me, they're perhaps not a rival for the club at large. The same could be said for the Colorado Rapids, who handed the Timbers their first ever MLS defeat.

So who are the Portland Timbers' rivals? Outside of the obvious, it's not really a clear picture. Of course, all Western Conference teams are to an extent, as are all MLS teams in general. But to point out that one specific club, that club that makes you grit your teeth... it's a bit more challenging.

Who is your Timbers' rival outside of the Cascadian clubs? Who do you see eventually ascending to become a major rival in the future?