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Get Your Ticket: Help Operation Pitch Invasion Build Bless Field

Attend an event, donate some money, help kids learn how to play soccer on a proper field. What could be better?

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

A couple weeks ago we brought word to this site about a local event here in Portland called: "Beating Seattle Never Gets Old: A Benefit for Bless Field." Being held at the Hollywood Theatre, it's an event to not only have fun and hang out with 107ist and Timbers Army members outside the game day festivities, but also to raise money for a great cause that will help a bunch of local kids learn to play the sport we all love in a proper setting.

As of this moment there is just a little over two days before the event, which takes place this Thursday, April 4th, and is promising to be a great night all around for those that love everything about the Timbers. Here's what's planned:

Come see highlights of the Timbers playing against Pele and his Cosmos in Portland in 1976; the Timbers playing the Chicago Sting at Wrigley Field in 1982; and, in an extended cut, the Timbers playing the Seattle Sounders in a playoff semifinal before a record crowd in Portland in 1975.

Commenting throughout the evening will be the players on the screen themselves, among them Willie Anderson, Bernie Fagan, Roger Goldingay, Mick Hoban, Bill Irwin, and Jimmy Kelly, along with "5MTKO" hosts Bob Kellett and Steven Lenhart (not that Steven Lenhart).

So what are you waiting for? Tickets cost just $12 right now, or $15 at the door.

In addition, they've added a raffle program where for $5 per ticket, you can enter into a raffle to win four seats at the Key Bank Club area for Saturday's game against the Houston Dynamo.

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