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Portland Timbers @ San Jose Earthquakes Prediction Thread

Last week the Timbers came out with a 1-nil win over the Earthquakes, but can they repeat the effort tomorrow night?

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Welcome back to another prediction thread! This might seem a little déjà vu, but rest assured you are indeed in a fresh prediction thread. It just so happens that the Portland Timbers are playing the San Jose Earthquakes once again. Something I'm sure you already knew.

In any case, last week saw a bunch of you attempt predictions and it appears a few of you got pretty dang close. Here they are:

  1. Howry: 1 - 0 with Darlington Nagbe scoring in the 82nd minute
  2. NoPoFuzz: 1 - 0 with Darlington Nagbe scoring in the 42nd minute
  3. straight red: 1 - 0 with Rodney Wallace scoring in the first half.

Hats off to all three of you for making such astute predictions. Howry was clearly the closest in score and time, though he called Nagbe instead of Will Johnson.

Turning to tomorrow's game, we are once again looking for your predictions. Remember that Caleb Porter will likely use a different line up with Diego Valeri is expected to be back in the starting line up. The San Jose Earthquakes will also likely have a few key players back in their line up as well. Much has changed from last weekend. Finally, it's a road game... Adjust your predictions to account for these things.

Here's what we want:

  • Game score.
  • Who scored those goals?
  • Which half?

What is your prediction for tomorrow night's match?

P.S. Does anybody know the guy in the picture? There's like three of him in my photo editor. It was taken at last week's game.